First blog post

Book Push! Here’s a book to read! We are all about motivating school children to read more books. We do this through recognition of their achievements and promoting popular book series’ for elementary readers. We ourselves are motivated to bring Book Push to your schools!

Book Push was started in September 2014, by Jason Maxwell of Jason A. Maxwell Consulting LLC. His main goal at the time was to increase the literacy rate amongst children in rural Alaska, especially with Alaska Natives. He discovered that RTI literacy programs help those students targeted for remedial reading intervention, however he also noticed that many children with grade level reading competency, were reading just enough to get by.

Book Push has been a successful idea that targets readers school wide. Since working at Dillingham Elementary School in Dillingham, Alaska as a reading specialist, Jason’s Book Push has been a great success  increasing student participation by over 500%!


One thought on “First blog post”

  1. This is fantastic Jason!!! If all of us would do one thing to make a difference we could do amazing things. Thank you for being a great role model!


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