Book Push Reading Participation Up 250%

Book Push reading activity is up almost 250 percent in its second year!

Year one had a great start with roughly 205 elementary school students reading a total of 156 book series!  Year two, which just finished, had students reading a total of 485 book series.  The total number book series read is 641.  Fantastic!

Part of the success is due to many students sharing and reading the same books.  For example, 47 students finished the Elephant and Piggie book series.

That is one key part of the Book Push method: students recommending books they like to other students.  And it is proving to increase student interest in reading exponentially.BookPushBlogMain

For family members or educators looking for well-loved and widely-read books, below is a list of popular book series recommended by students to Book Push onto your young reader:


Kindergarten and First Graders

Elephant and Piggie


Little Critter

First and Second Graders

Fly guy

Fly Guy Presents Who Would Win?

Second and Third Graders


Zeta the Space Girl


Fourth and Fifth Graders

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I Survived

Raina Telgemeier Books


Night-time Stories

Reading bedtime stories with your child is rewarding because it helps your child become a better reader.

Those well-loved stories we read with our child are read countless times. Often, these stories are read over and over again at one bedtime reading.  But what about a voracious reader who would rather read a book than listen to someone else read it?

A fun and educational answer is to have *them* read their favorite bedtime stories to *you*. Having your child read to you at bedtime allows you to see how well they read. It also lets them showoff their reading abilities, and get some well-earned kudos in return.

Reading with your child gives you a chance to teach your young learner how to improve their reading proficiency. For example, to help your child read words more accurately, you could teach them how to blend or chunk words.

A great resource for teaching young learners how to blend and chunk words is CAFE: Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanded vocabulary.

For ideas on chunking, take a look here.

For some blending tips, take a look here.

When listening to your child read at bedtime, you can find out if they comprehend what they are reading by asking questions. A fun way to find out if your child really understands what they are reading is to have them make a prediction about what will happen next.

Another prediction activity is called “Guess the Ending”.  After reading the first page, tell your child your prediction on how the story ends and then ask your child for their prediction.  It’s a fun, quick way to check on your child’s progress – and a fun game to play!

Whatever you do, time spent reading with your child is time well spent!

CAFE is one of the best sources for teaching young learners how to blend and chunk words. CAFE is also a great resource to use for teaching other reading strategies.

First blog post

Book Push! Here’s a book to read! We are all about motivating school children to read more books. We do this through recognition of their achievements and promoting popular book series’ for elementary readers. We ourselves are motivated to bring Book Push to your schools!

Book Push was started in September 2014, by Jason Maxwell of Jason A. Maxwell Consulting LLC. His main goal at the time was to increase the literacy rate amongst children in rural Alaska, especially with Alaska Natives. He discovered that RTI literacy programs help those students targeted for remedial reading intervention, however he also noticed that many children with grade level reading competency, were reading just enough to get by.

Book Push has been a successful idea that targets readers school wide. Since working at Dillingham Elementary School in Dillingham, Alaska as a reading specialist, Jason’s Book Push has been a great success  increasing student participation by over 500%!